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Bill Mudron

Born in Gene Rodenberry's hometown on Walt Disney's birthday and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I attended a high school for the Creative And Performing Arts (CAPA - essentially, a real-life "Fame", but with an art department), I dropped out of art school after six months and spent the next decade working odd jobs, going to shows and hosting all-night SNES Mario Kart binges with friends.

In 2004, I got tired of being a customer-service monkey and moved to Portland, Oregon, where I started a freelance art career. 15 years later, I've worked for everyone from Wes Anderson to Disney to J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Productions, a billion videogame magazines and websites, and several comic book companies (thanks to having a ton of friends in the funnybook industry).

When not drawing, I'm playing videogames, watching movies with friends, assembling Lego sets, and stewing in Star Wars  paraphenalia.




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